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Related article: Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 07:49:58 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Kid 6Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental.Chapter 6 After leaving John Hanna I went looking for the Doctor. I found him near the front desk."Doctor Morgan, how soon can Steven be released from hospital?""Well technically, he could be released now. However I think the Authorities would like to keep him here, more for his protection than for any other reason.""We'll see about that."I looked around the lobby, but couldn't see my two boys, so I figured they were still up with Steven. I went out to the Rover and drove to the Police Station. Found both the Prosecutor and the big black cop talking."I take it you are more than just a Constable."He laughed."I guess I have been less than honest with you. I am Inspector Gordon Marsh, of the Western Cape State Police.""Your uniform makes you look like an ordinary constable.""Well I hate to where that gaudy uniform. This way I can do anything I like and no one knows who they are dealing with.""When are you going to arrest Gooseman?""Tomorrow. An assault team from Cape Town will hit the resort at first light. We will be there as well, but will wait until the assault team lands.""I want to be there too.""Sorry. Not a chance of that Sir.""Your assaulting my property. I bought the resort and I want to there to make sure your Storm Troopers don't destroy the place.""I assure you Sir, we will do as little damage as possible.""Just the same I want to be there when that cock sucker is arrested. I want him to know very quick that I helped bring him down.""Okay Sir I will pick you up at your lodgings at 0400 tomorrow morning.""Good. Now I want to take Steven Mopopo out of the hospital and back to my present lodgings.""Only if we can send a couple of people to keep an eye on him.""Thank you. You should also know that I plan to fly to Pretoria and pick up his mother and bring her here.""Really Mr. Hamilton. That is very generous of you."The Chief inspector followed me back to the hospital, even when Preteen Nude Girls I stopped at a store and bought underwear, shorts and several t-shirts for Steven. We arrived at the hospital and I went directly to the room Steven was in. He actually smiled at me when I entered."Steven do you want to get out of here and come with me and my two boys?""Really Sir.""Yes."I handed Onou the clothing I had bought."Can you two boys get him dressed."I watched as Onou and Devine helped Steven get into the shorts and t-shirt. The large supporter he had on wouldn't allow room in the underwear. Both boys were very gentle with Steven. The Doctor wheeled in a wheel chair. We helped him into it.The Doctor handed me two pill bottles."This one is pain killers. The other is antibiotics. You can leave the dressing on his face, but you will need to change the dressings on his back, buttocks and thighs." He handed me a pack of Dressings."Thank you Doctor. Bill me direct for your services.""Actually Mr. Hamilton, the costs are now being picked up by the State."We went down the hall and then into the elevator to the main floor and outside. I helped Steven into front seat of the Rover. More room up front. As we left the hospital two police vehicles followed. I drove back to the resort I was staying in.I drove right up to the cottage. I helped Steven inside and into a comfortable chair. As soon as the door was closed both Onou and Devine stripped naked. Steven looked at both and then pulled his T-shirt off. He carefully stood and dropped his shorts as he reached for the supporter."Steven you need to leave that on to support your testicles until they heal.""It's okay Sir. They don't hurt anymore."As he pushed the supporter down it pulled across his butt cheeks and he cried in pain.I rushed to his side along with both my boys. We very gently removed the supporter. I looked at the scars and now bleeding stripes across his ass cheeks. I helped him into the second bedroom and laid him down."I'm going to change your Dressings Steven.""Okay Sir." He criedAs I removed the old dressings and saw what Gooseman had down I started to cry. How could anyone do this to another human being was totally beyond me. I wished at that point I could stripe Gooseman's ass as he had done Stevens. After dressing his ass cheeks and thighs, I helped him back into the living room."Okay boys I want you to listen to what I have to say."I sat down in a chair facing all three boys."Tomorrow morning Gooseman is being arrested by the State Police. Onou you will be coming with me. Wear your Sari and sandals. The boys that are there might not want to talk to Police.""Yes Master."When he called me Master, Steven's head snapped around to look at Onou."Devine you will have to take care of Steven while we are gone. That means changing his dressings too.""Yes Master.""Why do you call him Master?" he asked Devine."Because I love him and will do anything he asked. I know he loves me too.""Does he, does he force you?.....""No Steven, he would never force us to have sex. We love him so much sometimes it hurts. He is so gentle and caring. How can we not call him our Master?"Steven bowed his head and I could see him crying."Are you okay Steven?" I asked."I'm sorry Sir, no I'm sorry Master. No one has ever loved me, except my mom. You saved my life and I owe you. I guess I was hoping while Onou talked to me about you that you would maybe love me too. I should not have had false hopes. It just, oh I don't know anymore.""Steven, I'm going to tell you why I came to South Africa. It wasn't to buy a resort. It was to have sex with a black male. Well I did, I had sex with Onou and I loved it. Then came Devine. Both boys I loved every way we could. I love both as much and even more than they love me. I made both a promise to take them back with me when I return home to the USA. I hate to be called Master. It comes very close to slavery in my mind. Preteen Nude Girls I hate slavery in any form. I will not force myself on anyone, nor will I force anyone to have sex with me. I want it to be a mutual want. I want them to enjoy having sex with me as I enjoy having sex with them. And I do enjoy both boys.""Will you make love to me, if I asked?""Yes Steven, As long as you will love me the same way. But first you must be healed."Steven stood up and walked over and kissed me on the cheek."Thank you Master.""Steven. As I told both Onou and Devine, you can only call me Master when we are alone. Any other time it must be Spence or Sir.""Yes Master. Onou told me you hate being called Master and I understand. But I think you do not Master. Onou wants to be owned totally, Devine only wants you, to have all the time. They both love you much more than just Sons to their father, they love you so Preteen Nude Girls much that they will do anything to please you. I want that too. I want to love you, I want you to make love to me. I want to make love to you. It is more than just love they feel and it more than just love I feel."Now I was one starting to cry. Damn it I did love both Onou and Devine with more than I can describe. And now I had Steven too. Yeah I guess I was falling in love with him too.The three boys, seeing the tears running down my face came over and hugged me."Don't cry Father, Master." Onou said.I kissed all three."Thank you boys. I love you all. Now I need dinner."I called room service and ordered dinner for four, plus a 12 pack of cold beer and a bottle of Bourbon. I also told them to make sure the Police were fed and to put it on my bill. Thirty minutes later we had a four coarse meal, plus the beer and bourbon.After we had eaten and had a few beers, we were all ready for bed. Onou walked over to me. He whispered in my ear."Master. Devine and I think you should sleep with Steven. We think you love him too.""Only if he wants me to.""Master he needs to hold onto someone. He loves you Master. Please.""Okay Son. But you need to wake me early.""Yes Master. Thank you Master."Onou and Devine went into the second bedroom and I helped Steven into the other. I checked his dressings and he laid down in the bed. I quickly stripped and laid down beside him. I cuddled up close to him face to face. As our two bodies came together, I wasn't surprised as I felt Steven's hard cock pressing into my belly. Feeling his hard member brought me to instant erection. But that feeling would go unchecked tonight. I gently wrapped my arms over Steven, gave him a peck on the mouth and drifted off to sleep. I came awake instantly to the sound of a helicopter landing on the beach in front of my cottage. I looked at the bedside table. Fuck. Three AM. When I looked at Steven, he was looking at me. I bent over him and kissed him. A deep lingering kiss, that he returned fully. When we broke off I looked down his beautiful body. So smooth and so good looking I wanted to take him right then and there, but knew I needed to wait. I carefully climbed out of bed. Told Steven to get more sleep.I went and had a quick shower, more to wake me up and anything else. When I came back into the room to dress, I was surprised to see both the Prosecutor and Inspector Marsh waiting in the living room. I went to my bedroom and quickly dressed. Went out and poured a cup of coffee. Onou was standing waiting dressed in his long skirt and bright shirt."Good morning gentlemen.""Good morning Spence." Al said.I was about to say something more when the radio carried by Inspector Marsh squawked. He said a few words and then listened. I couldn't understand what was being said."Right. Assault teams are in the air. Also two other vehicles are parked at the resort. He may have company.""Right. Time Preteen Nude Girls to go." Al stood up.He made no comment when both myself and Onou followed him out the door and over to the helicopter."I've never been on a helicopter before Sir." Onou said to me."First time for every thing Son." I told him.The assault on the resort was over by the time we landed. Five men were in custody. We walked over to the five men."Mr. Hamilton can you identify the man who assaulted Steven Mopopo?"I walked straight to Mr. Gooseman."This one. This is the Preteen Nude Girls man who I saw assault Steven.""Inspector you will please note that Mr. Hamilton has identified the perpetrator.""Yes Sir.""Right. You can put all five in the wagon. I'll get to the others later."An extensive search of the main building and outer buildings found the seven other boys being held. One was found almost dead in the basement of the main building, having been severely whipped over most of his body. Two of the men being held had been caught in the act of whipping him. The other 6 boys had been found locked in an outer building. Sitting in their own filth, there being no Preteen Nude Girls washroom facilities in the cramped building. I became violently sick upon seeing these boys brought out. The young boy who had been whipped died of his injuries before they could get him to hospital. Before the day was out another 3 men were arrested when they arrived at the resort and implements of torture were found in the trunk of their vehicle. I found out later that arrests had taken place all over the country. Every single member of the White Supremist Party had been picked up.The boys found alive were allowed to shower and clean themselves, after pictures of their condition were taken. None of the boys would talk until Onou talked to them. He was a real wonder, after the boys were fed by the police and After Onou had spoken to them at length, they agreed to give the police statements. He was thanked profusely by all the police, the Prosecutor and Inspector Marsh. I was so proud of him it brought tears to my eyes.About noon, I asked the Inspector if he could arrange transport to take Onou and myself back to our lodgings. He told me the Resort was now a crime scene and would be under police protection for several days. He told one of the officers to drive us home.I walked into the cabin and headed for the shower, shedding clothes as I went. I never even spoke to the two boys. All I wanted was to wash the stink off of my body. I could never wash it from my mind. I was barely in when Onou joined me."I'll wash you Master."As he started to wash me I started to wash him. I was thinking that could have happened to any of my boys and I started to cry. I just couldn't stop myself. Onou grabbed me and just held me as I cried my eyes out. I was no longer in control of my emotions. I'm not sure how long I stood there in Onou's arms as I cried, but finally stepped back and kissed him."Thank you Onou. Thank you Son."I stepped out of the shower and Onou helped me dry off. I walked into my bedroom and put clean shorts and a t-shirt. I slipped my Sandals on and walked out to the living room.I walked straight to Devine and kissed him. Then kissed Steve and finally Onou."Boys, I need some time alone. I'm going for a walk. It's not something you have done. I just need some time to think and clear my head."I walked out and down to the ocean. I then just walked. The soothing sound of the waves breaking on the shore helped. But each time my thoughts turned to the six boys we had found at the resort and the one who had been whipped to death just totally devastated my thoughts. I just cried more. At some point in my walk I sat down. I watched the sun go down. I was totally unable to move. I think I was becoming deranged in my mind. I just could not comprehend how anyone could whip a boy to death just for pleasure."Mr. Hamilton, Spence. Are you okay?""What. What." I turned and saw Darrell Macdonald the owner of the Castle Inn Resort sitting only three feet away."Your young boys are very worried about you Sir. Come on Sir I'll get yee back to them."He Helped me to my feet and over to an old, WW2 era jeep. I sat in passenger seat and he quickly drove back to my cottage. He helped me inside and never batted an eye when all three boys ran to me completely nude."I think yer da here needs your love boys."He just turned and walked out. All the boys almost mobbed me. Hugging and kissing me. They set me down in one of the big chairs. Onou brought me a glass of Bourbon. Both Steven and Devine undressed me. I was very surprised when Steven knelt between my legs and took my soft cock into his mouth. That got me hard very quick. Devine just continued to kiss me. Onou just stood and watched as the two boys fawned over me. I saw tears rolling down Steven's cheeks. I gently pulled him off my cock. The bandages on the right side of his face made it painful for him to take my cock."Come up here son."Devine moved out of way so I could cuddle Steven. Onou dropped down and started to suck me. I kissed Steven."Steven. Until your face heals you need not do that again.""But Master. I want to. I love you Master.""I love you too Steven, but its no good if it hurts you. I never want you feel any pain ever again."He started to pull at the bandages on his face."I want them off then."I grabbed his hand."Okay. Tomorrow we will see the Doctor and see when they can come off."I pulled him very close."Okay Master, you promise?""Yes love I promise."Steven started to cry."No one has ever said they loved me except my mom.""Well I guess you have four people who love you now Steven.""Four Master?""Steven, I know your Mother loves you. I love you and so does Onou and Devine. So yes four. However I don't know how I will make love to all three of you at the same time.""Master. We have decided that we will share you equally. Each night only one of us will sleep with you." Onou declared."So, you three boys just decided this?""Yes Master." All three said."And what happens if I want more than one boy each night.""Well Master, we think only one boy would be enough. So the other two would be enjoying each other."I laughed at their declaration."Okay boys. I agree. Who do I have tonight?""Well Master, Steven wanted to be first, but we know it hurts him to suck, so we decided Devine would be first. After Steven has his bandages off then he can have as many days in a row as you and he want."Wow. They had my entire love life preplanned."Well before anything happens tonight I need to eat, something other than you three boys sperm.""Yes Master." Onou picked up the phone and ordered dinner for the four of us.After eating I led Devine into one of the bedrooms. He was almost giddy in anticipation. I told him to lay on his back and then undressed and kneeled between his legs. I lifted them to my shoulders, exposing his pink entrance. Under normal circumstances I would have dove down and rimmed his wonderful ass. But this time I just lined up my cock at his entrance and drove in. He screamed very loudly at my forced entry. Something in the back of my mind took over. I never even relized I was hurting Devine. I just pile drived his ass as hard as I could. I only knew I had shot my load when my cock deflated. I stopped and looked down at Devine as he cried. What have I done? I dropped onto him and started kissing and apologizing."Master, Master. Please, you need not apologize. It is how I like to be fucked. It hurts Master, but it feels so good too. You can make love to me like that all the time."I still felt very bad but turned and sucked Devine's cock into my mouth. Swallowing all of it until I was almost gagging. Devine rolled me over and took my cock into his. After he blew I just stayed there, with his cock in my mouth.I awoke Devine slowly sucking me. His hard cock was right at my lips so I just took it in. Devine took my first load of the day and I took his. I turned afterward and kissed him."Thank you Devine.""No. Thank you Master. I will never get enough of you inside me."After a long hot shower, I dressed and went out to the living room. Steven looked very sad."What's wrong Son?" I asked him."It just wasn't fair. Onou did everything for me last night, but wouldn't let me do anything to Preteen Nude Girls him.""Well we will see if you can get the bandages off today.""I hope so I hate them."We dressed and went up to the main house for breakfast. I invited the two police officers in with us. I told them we would be driving into Clanwilliam. They said they would follow.I took two calls on my cell before we left. One told me my lawyer was due in at 11 AM, the other that the jet I had ordered was on the ground in Clanwilliam. The two pilots were staying at a hotel across the street from the airport. Two problems solved.We drove directly to the hospital. I told Onou and Devine to go check on the boys who had been brought in from the resort. Steven and I went looking for Dr. Morgan. We found him in the cafeteria."Good Morning Doctor Morgan.""Good morning Mr. Hamilton, Steven. How are you today Son?""I want these bandages off my face." He declared."Okay. Come along to my office."When we in the Doctors office, he very carefully removed the bandages. I laughed when I saw where they had shaved his head.""What's so funny Sir?"I stood him in front of a mirror."Oh! Wow, maybe I should shave it all off so it grows in evenly.""That's up to you son.""You will have to keep the bandage on your nose to make sure it heals straight." The Doctor said to Steven."I feel much better now. Thank you Doctor."We left and went up to see the other boys. When Steven walked in he was almost mobbed by the other five boys from the resort. The started to jabber away in a language all their own. Onou walked up to me and asked if we could talk."Sure Son. What's on your mind?""Sir all these boys are real worried. The only clothes they have are the coveralls given to them by the police. They don't have any money cause Gooseman never paid them and they don't have anywhere to live."Oh Christ. Five more, no way.TBC
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